WebReader RSS Reader 1.0.4 for BlackBerry Playbook tablet

WebReader RSS Reader 1.0.4 for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet features:

  • Original rss feed view


Now you can view the origin url of the rss feed you’re watching.

  • Send rss feed to computer


We added a new button on the feed’s post control bar to view the feed’s origin url inside your computer’s browser. You need to have WebReader for Desktop┬áinstalled.


  • Improved caching mechanism


We improved the feed’s caching mechanism and we tried to give you more control over it(thanks to Brian). You’ll notice a button on the bottom left that will display how many uncached unread┬árss feeds you have and if the cache process is running it will appear an activity indicator.



If you click the cache button will pop-up an window where you can start or stop the caching process or you can opt to automatically cache rss feeds when discovered.


  • Load all feed’s posts button


You can load all feed’s posts if you click the button that displays the current unread feed items.


No more verification code when you authentificate with Google and no “more button” at the end of the feed’s list(loads new items automatically).

More features will come in the next versions and I invite you all to suggest any ideea you want to see implemented in WebReader RSS Reader for BlackBerry PlayBook.


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One Response to WebReader RSS Reader 1.0.4 for BlackBerry Playbook tablet

  1. Horacio Lupi says:

    Would love to see the actions icons explained. The app is superb, but buttons are counter intuitive (al teast in the Playbook version)

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