WebReader 0.8.5 Update: more secure and a better interface

We are happy to announce this new update of WebReader, as promised. Our users that really helped us with all the feedback, persuaded us to implement lots of changes, such as:

  • a more secure way to log in, using Google’s oauth. This way there’s no need to ask yourselves to whom you introduce your username and password from Google’s account, because you are doing this directly to Google
  • implemented basic keyword shortcuts, such as: 1,2,3 for the three view modes, arrows to navigate between your subscriptions (up/down) and articles (left/right)
  • improved interface: a much cleaner interface (thanks for the all the praises and emails, we really took everything in consideration) that gives you a really nice experience and took usability to a new level
  • added view all posts button
  • Pinless oauth for Twitter: a more secure way to connect your Twitter account when sharing something to your friends
  • bug fixes
  • many other improvements we encourage you to discover

Thanks for your feedback and we hope it contributes to a better experience. We are tying to get better and better for our users.
Stay tuned, a new release is already planned ;).

WebReader’s Team

IMPORTANT! You might have to uninstall the first WebReader if installed because of conflict between the non-verified version and the new one, verified :)

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