Web Reader for Blackberry® Playbook™ tablet

We’re excited to present you the first version of the Web Reader for Blackberry® Playbook™ tablet.

What is Web Reader for the Blackberry Playbook ?


Is the most powerful playbook apps for Blackberry Playbook

Was designed for minimal battery consumption, performance and long reading sessions.

The playbook features 1GB RAM = 1024MB RAM memory

Web Reader at startup will consume 12MB memory, meaning 1% of the total memory.

Web Reader for Blackberry Playbook

Web Reader cares about your battery life. It consumes fewer resources and memory making your battery last more.

After running heavy tests (loading 1000 articles at once, normally Web Reader is limited to load only 20 articles), every time the memory reaches a maximum of 64MB will drop off at 28MB, so no matter how long you’ll read Web Reader will never crash on your Playbook. We’ll shoot a video next week to showcase the performances.


Is safe and secure

It uses oAuth to grant access to your Google account. OAuth is an emerging protocol that one website can use to access your data on another website without asking you to reveal your username and password.


Video playback

You can play videos from articles inside Web Reader in fullscreen also.


Social playbook app

Easy share your favorite news with your friends on Facebook or to your followers on Twitter. It includes URL shortening for Twitter.




Auto orientation

Web Reader for Playbook supports specific layouts for both landscape and portrait mode.


It’s light

The file size of the playbook application is 0.73MB.


One in all, Web Reader it a great source of entertainment and information for your Playbook that will keep you connected any time.

P.S: We are waiting your feedback to make it one of the best Playbook apps

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11 Responses to Web Reader for Blackberry® Playbook™ tablet

  1. joe says:

    any plans to add instapaper mobilizer support?  as soon as that is added i will buy.

  2. Jippa George says:

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    This is the first request and I noted. If the other users will request this feature we will added in the next version


  3. Anonymous says:

    Your math, or rather your understanding of percentages, is wrong.  The memory consumed is actually about 1% of total system memory (1/100), not 0.01% which is 1/10000.

  4. reader says:

    Hi, since you are taking suggestions on features., could you please add a mark all as read feature within a subscription or group?

  5. joe says:

    there seem to be bugs with the more button top. the behaviour should be any older articles should show below, correct?

    looking forward to the updates  

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