WebReader News RSS Reader for iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayBook and Kindle Fire

Our main goal is to create a powerfull, clean and easy to use rss reader across all platforms and devices and make WebReader your personal newspaper.

So we started to develop the rss reader for iPhone, iPad and Android.



After we sketch up the WebReader RSS Reader mobile interface followed the first design.


…and we got our hands into the code


After days and days, we came up with an rss reader for mobile that:


Is easy to use


Eliminates the ads and unnecessary information


Is performant


Displays web feed article inside rss reader


Caches your news feed to read them offline


WebReader is currently available on iTunes Store, BlackBerry App World and Amazon Android Store.

The next WebReader update for iOS, Android and PlayBook is coming very soon and will feature better offline caching system, caching images offline and a new view for the feed’s posts.

Thank you all for your feedback and support!

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