New update of WebReader App for BlackBerry PlayBook


The new update of WebReader (1.0.2) for the Playbook tablet is now available and you can upgrade for free.

What’s new ?

The biggest feature is the offline support to read your news feeds without an internet connection.

You can toggle the offline mode from the settings view or it will switch automatically if your internet connection is dropped or regained.


The default cache size is 1MB and you can easily adjust it to your needs to store more articles and feeds.

Be careful because every time you’ll set a new size, the old cache will be deleted.


A new feature is the ‘full view mode‘ for more space to read your feed items. Double tap to toggle it.

We fixed in this release the WebReader login problem that was caused by a Google’s authentication bug and other minor changes.

Many thanks for those who helped us with their feedback and we encourage you all to leave a comment or an opinion on how to shape the WebReader application.



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4 Responses to New update of WebReader App for BlackBerry PlayBook

  1. Guest says:

    When desktop version will be rapaired? Now there’s problem with validation

  2. Rodney Cao says:

    can not work with playbook 2.0 beta. program closes itself when waiging for log-in page.

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