Subscribe to any page, blog, rss, atom feed for updates

You can follow your favorite sites, online newspapers, blog, forums, comments, video channels, photo albums, deal-of-the-day websites and more.

Smart search through rss feeds

WebReader helps you search through all subscriptions, starred items, folders and even a specific rss feed.

Starred and recommended items

You can mark important articles by adding a star and if you don't have anything to read see recommended articles based on your reading behaviour.

Unread subscriptions filter

You can easy filtering the unread subscription to see only the updated rss feeds.

Folders and subscriptions management

Create folders for your sources to keep them organized.
You can easely rename, unsubscribe, or move any rss feed.

Smart filter

Expand view

Hide the feed's panel for more space to read subscriptions by pressing
'U' key on your keyboard.

Multiple views to read website pages

You can choose between 3 articles view modes: Full posts, Summaries and Headlines.

Share with your friends

Discuss with your friends about your favorite news stories on Facebook or Twitter.

Adjustable font-size

Change the font size if the text is to small.

Original site view

Click the title or press 'V' key,
to see the original rss page inside WebReader instead of opening it in the external browser.


Configure your connected accounts, the time interval you want to be notified, start at login or keep on top of all windows.

Offline mode

Read your favorite news feeds even when you don't have an internet connection.

Instant alerts

When a page is updated with something new you are notified by an alert in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

No spam

You can subscribe and unsubscribe from rss any time. There's no spamming!

No registration

Connect with your Google Account or create one with your e-mail adress.
Web Reader is a full featured Google Reader desktop client.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use left and right arrow keys or J and K keys to navigate throw posts

Use up and down arrow keys to change current subscription

1,2,3 - Change view: Full posts, Summaries and Headlines

Esc - go to previous post's view or closes overlayer

V - original post view

U - expand view

Watch videos

Watch rss post's videos inside WebReader.

Cross platform

Web Reader is cross platform, works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
If you change your operating system no need to change your rss reader.

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