Backup your WebReader data before July 1st

When we first started on our own (initial 3 guys but one got lost on the road), almost 3 years ago, we had no idea about what we were doing and what it will become.

From the first iteration of the desktop app:


We got to a cross-platform rss reader running on all smartphones, tablets and desktops (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows, Mac):


WebReader Downloads:

  • Desktop: 17640
  • BlackBerry(BB10 and PlayBook): 8310 (4.5 of 5 stars)
  • iOS: 3866
  • Android: 3048 (4 of 5 stars)
  • Amazon: 241

As many of you probably know, WebReader is a Google Reader client(the time proved that it wasn’t the best option) and the service that’s relying it will be shut down by Google. So make sure you backup your data, including subscriptions before July 1st.

I would like to thank and to express my great appreciation to Alexandru Soare, the friend, the co-worker and the graphic designer who made WebReader (app and site) look off the top, for believing in this with me and for all the hard work he putted in. Big thanks buddy.

Thanks to all the users, the ones who gave us a good rating and to that ones who rated us bad for a feature request, thank you all for all your support, we have learned so much from you.

About what will happen with WebReader, well, the future is uncertain, we’ll not hurry to make a decision that will not grant safety in the long term and now we need to concentrate on different things.

You must remember one thing, if we’ll revive it, it will be a top notch app. 


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4 Responses to Backup your WebReader data before July 1st

  1. elDragonata says:

    It would be really good if you guys are able to renovate WebReader to be a Netvibes client.

  2. primusd says:

    Why not plug into the feedly API?

    • jo_alterego says:

      Feedly haven’t made their API public. I wrote them several times but I haven’t got any answer. I guess they are working with the doors closed for now.

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