How to Use a Kindle

Kindle is no doubt the most successful line of electronic readers today. In 2019 alone, it has an estimated 75% market share in the US and 95% in the UK. That’s high.


It is no surprise as the Amazon Kindle is portable. There is no need to carry your thick books on the train, in the school, office, or wherever you go. It is extremely convenient. 

All your favorite books can be accessed in one place. You do not have to open your cabinets of books, which can save your time and avoid other unnecessary efforts. 

The features, on the other hand, are on another level. You cannot only read a novel but also make notes and look for definitions without any trouble, as it has a built-in dictionary. 

What’s more, Amazon Kindle is competitively priced and won’t cost you a big fortune. But how to use a Kindle? Good question and you have come to the right place!

Turn on the Device 

While there are many things that run on your mind, do not forget to turn on your Kindle before anything else. Every model has a power button along the bottom. Some, the Kindle Keyboard, in particular, have a sliding power button. 

Connect it to a Strong Internet Connection 

Once you switch it on, you will be prompted to connect it to an internet connection. How to do it, though? All you have to do is press the Menu button from Home, select Settings > Wi-Fi, connect it to your internet, and enter the password. That’s it. There is nothing complicated to follow. 

Register Your Kindle 

Using the controls on your Amazon Kindle is straightforward. Just go to Menu > Settings > Registration. After that, provide the Amazon account of your option. 

It’s good news if you have an account, as you will only provide your login credentials like your email and password. Then, select Register. 

Installing or Updating the Kindle App

Many people love playing games and apps on tablets like Kindle Fire, while browsing through the random apps available for the Kindle Fire I was amazed to see the long list of Dating Apps that are available. But have you ever thought that you can also install casual sexting app and apps on E-Ink devices like Kindle Paperwhite?

While Tinder on Kindle isn’t possible as it is officially unavailable on the Amazon App Store. Those Kindle users can opt for the best alternative of the Tinder app to chat and meet. Browsing through the random apps available for the Kindle Fire I was amazed to see the long list of Dating Apps that are available. 

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets have their own Amazon App Store, but it falls short compared to the Google Play Store. Fortunately, thanks to the fact that Fire OS is based on Android, most Android apps are compatible with Amazon tablets and you can install them on your Kindle Fire in a few simple steps.

The Amazon Fire is the Android-based OS and many Android apps through the Google Play Store will work on the Fire Tablet of Amazon.

To install apps from outside the Amazon Appstore you have two options: ‘sideload’ an APK file that you download from the internet (riskier); or install Google Services (the recommended, safer option).